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Arajinn 1 year ago
Lower tax rates have resulted in an expansion in the workforce.
Tull 1 year ago
The whole religious scene is a joke.
Vudolkree 1 year ago
I like clothes too
Felrajas 1 year ago
Which school indoctrinates students to a sexual orientation? Is there a school that teaches that homosexuality is better than heterosexuality? Are you sure you know what indoctrination is? You're conflating the inoculation of specific religious dogmas to teachings that give people freedom to be what they are.
Vudomuro 1 year ago
But what does advice not to marry if one in mission can avoid it have anything to do with what we're talking about? People are always more effective and willing to work more when not committed. Just a fact.
Branris 1 year ago
Bizarrotrump was to busy frothing at the mouth because of his hate for Trump but didn't even read the artical, what a fucking brainwashed libtard embarrassing himself like this
Kazraramar 1 year ago
1. Who did the Christians murder off? Can you provide a source for this information?
Shakabei 1 year ago
Yes, the mandate was put in only because the GOP was saying that the preexisting clause would mean that people would only pick up insurance when they got sick. (sorry I was backwards on the preexisting condition clause, something else that the GOP tended to not like either for some stupid reason).
Zolokasa 1 year ago
The words are fine.
Zulkigor 1 year ago
Aww, poor baby.
Nitaur 1 year ago
Nobody considers themselves 'glorious, selfish hedonists.' Asking such a question means that one has to define what precisely this means, and of course, nobody will agree on exactly where they want to draw the line between 'hedonist' and 'non-hedonist', etc.
Gar 1 year ago
If he had lived though his presidency, I don't think JFK would be looked upon as fondly as he is by most.
Jumuro 1 year ago
See. You don't know what a strawman is.
Kigal 1 year ago
Many people make tons of money with belief systems that suspend logic and rational thinking. It is worth for them.
Zulkigar 1 year ago
Exactly - so it's super weird that the conversation never happened.
Shaktiramar 1 year ago
yeah, not to mention he gets paid to say crap like that. it's not like he's really representative of the people. not like a US representative would be.
Aratilar 1 year ago
Frankly I'm (far) less concerned about detention center guards saying mean things than I am about hordes of illegal aliens forcing their way across our borders and into taxpayer wallets.
JoJonris 1 year ago
apologies, how foolish of me to think that your comment would in some way relate to your own OP that you're commenting on
Akinojin 11 months ago
I adhere to the same standards I expect of my partner here, which includes a tolerance for human nature as well as respect for basic manners.
Malaramar 11 months ago
Let me say it again. Man should not decide how they should take God. Neither literally nor figuratively. There is no verse on this. This is just adding to Scripture.
Turr 11 months ago
I personally do not believe your "if" is very realistic. We are too diverse and set in our ways. Just because someone "feels" a certain way it does not represent the population as a whole. Our leaders are elected. It is the power of the people. Religious people can be obnoxious regardless of which religion they stem from.
Nakree 11 months ago
of course they dont. It's not them being refused service or discriminated against.
Maramar 11 months ago
We're angry that fundamentalists think they have a right to legalize discrimination against US citizens. We're angry that fundamentalists think they have a right to deny equal rights to US citizens. We're angry that fundamentalists think they have a right to deny women the control of their own bodies. We're angry that fundamentalists continue to try and force the teaching of their religious myths in our public school science classes.
Kazrarisar 11 months ago
Wouldn't quite call that a retelling. Sounds more like literary and cinematic inspiration.
Fenridal 11 months ago
?Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the gem of virtue.?
Kik 10 months ago
Oops, all your comments got deleted, FirAgusEolas! What happened?
Voodoojas 10 months ago
I've considered blocking you just so I don't have to see your avatar (I'm pretty sure I'm clinically Ailurophobic), yet you contribute too much worthwhile dialogue and interesting comments for me to go through with it.
Vule 10 months ago
You linked to a
Sara 10 months ago
eh basic black with rose red tips would make more of a statement.
Doukasa 10 months ago
Ignorant atheists don?t know the difference between The Law and the law.
Zolocage 9 months ago
Just telling is not forceful enough and would soon be forgotten.So much has been said,not taken seriously.His way has not been forgotten in over 2000 years.And God gave us free will.It is a question of faith rather than intellectual arguments.Everyone can chose what he/she wants.

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