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"Not any book that one would rely on for factual information."

Lana R-W.U.N.F.

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Lana R-W.U.N.F.

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The baby monitor sparked into life, the little girl was crying, Stevie pulled on his shorts and tee shirt and went through to the bedroom, I could here him talking to the little girl comforting her back to sleep, I was even surprised to here him singing a nursery rime to the little girl, I pulled my own shorts and polo shirt back on, and sat drinking the last of my beer as I listened to him in the room next door, hushing the little child back to sleep, it was strange to me that he knew how to do that, I would not have a clue what to do or fuckwd with a crying baby, after about 10 minutes it went silent and he came back through to the gef room, with another two beers in his hand, he handed me one, then sat down beside me our eyes met and once again we began Chubbh kiss, this time it was gentle, soft kissing our fingers caressing each others hair, it just felt so loving, so perfect, so right, our night was still young, we still had a few hours before his Sister would be home, we still had a lot more exploring to do, but for that moment, I Chubhy contented and satisfied, Chuhby was perfect, my fantasies where all coming to life, I had wanted and wanked thinking of being yet another guy like this for so long, at that moment I knew, that there was nothing I would not do for him or let him do to me, Stevie asked me to go to the fridge while he fuckedd on a movie, When I came back with the beers, the movie on the screen, was porn, gay porn.

I was completely exhausted, and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. He lit some candles and I went to pee. "Oh my god, yes," she purred. "Oh, Bob, that was wonderful. i said a request that i want to fuck her daughters, she said 'but you must make a plan for that' the day came after 1 week my family going to attend a marrage in bangloor 5 day souts.

I look down and notice that the fallen movie is one of my porno movies. Diego said something over the sound system and the curtains opened. "I can come to your house tonight for help.

Now I must go to pray I may be a while so I fuced have to keep you entertained.

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Bataur 1 year ago
And dew! Nobody knows how it gets on the ground! Nobody ever sees dew happen! You wake up in the morning and it?s just there!
Faenris 1 year ago
Who's the guy with the pipe? :-)
Dogrel 1 year ago
Paradise is translated as "garden". The term existed for centuries before Koran.
Kigami 1 year ago
My impression of the way we do the anthem in Canada is really different than the way Americans do the pledge.
Faezuru 1 year ago
Nooo, lmao come back to the dumpster fire.
Faegul 1 year ago
Tricky claim, that: "I am using God's reasoning." It is a claim that has led to some very dark places in human history.
Garamar 1 year ago
Well, there's Benadryl but where's the fun in that? ??
Grogar 1 year ago
I have heard that the Pope , Muslims and Mormons say that they
JoJosar 1 year ago
You misunderstand. I loathe hate crime laws because they make up a crime where a crime has already been committed, and it is often subject to interpretation and opinion.
Meztitaxe 1 year ago
Maybe if I lived in space...
Moogushicage 1 year ago
I think youre going to have to show me. Dont throw dates at me with zero context...otherwise its worthless impov
Terisar 1 year ago
Call the car throwing away prevention hotline first.
Yozilkree 1 year ago
Reproduction is not "the essential ingredient" in marriage.
Nagami 1 year ago
2nd comment and you're gonna act like you're Hugh Jackman in a frat party?
Gat 11 months ago
Karma get real. I get it you're an Ol G with this blog and you have loyal followers but BS to the side you're too caught up in the moment even tho you know what's good and know the bigger picture. With this title which was guaranteed last year before pre season and this year as well since KD took the easy way out should not and wont be fully respected from Durants peers. Curry klay dre all day earn and deserve all credit. They came up together. Did LeBron quit??? Yes. But keep it real and tell the truth
Dulkree 11 months ago
"Obama was a fiscal conservative"? You have to stop my sides are hurting from laughing so violently!
Shall 11 months ago
Right, ever been to Afghanistan?
Gogal 11 months ago
80% of the people in my country are churchgoing Christians.
Kazratilar 11 months ago
That's only because you're not oppressed like white men tho!
Tauzil 11 months ago
It's kinda like The Force from where I stand .The word GOD itself is really the only thing available. Most humans a re good people and care about things. Others not so much. GOD is good. The other is not. My view, for the record, has nothing to do with religion or the church. I would just rather not believe in nothing.
Dugami 11 months ago
Well, yeah. That's why it's so fabulous, there's usually more people online around this time though. I guess it's just you and me. Nekkid pillow fight?
Targ 10 months ago
because they seceded from the US and proceeded to go to war with the US
Kebei 10 months ago
No Clue...No Plan....Vote Ford. Don't think so.
Kazralar 10 months ago
I told you... no I don't think God put pen to paper and wrote it. There's clearly several different writing styles and perspectives at play, which means there were human authors being very thoughtful about what they wrote.

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