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"All the minorities must show humility and respect to the majority. As well as the latter to the former."

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Tautilar 1 year ago
i know.... my stomach did a flip watching that. He looks drugged
Malasho 1 year ago
I do not know whether or not Nazareth actually existed in the first half of the first century, I am not an archeologist and have never been to the place. I do what I always do, and read what others, who are qualified say, and I have read quite a bit on the subject.
Gujinn 1 year ago
Low tolerance to frustration, may be a cause. This is not learned at school, should be teached at home.
Mazugis 1 year ago
And the same unanswered question: What is so special about it? Is it worse than Hiroshima or the Vietnam butchery?
Goltijinn 1 year ago
That?s the reason Amy Schumer gave fit breaking up with dolph ziggler
Ganos 1 year ago
The OP is an ad hominem rant. I'm responding in kind.
Mikamuro 1 year ago
That's because of their pattern of having many children, not because of conversions. God enriches our lives and gives us that inner peace. I too have a good family etc. but this life is so short and He gives us that stability and inner peace and assurance for the future. Its like He is the foundation, the rock that we rest on, especially when hard times come. .
Mehn 1 year ago
That is a religious choice, of course. I'm a little more practical. It's been referred to as the 'dreadful algebra of necessity'. A mother who is facing this may, in the fullness of time, be able to conceive and deliver a baby to term. If she dies, she cannot. It's a tragedy, but the course of action is clear. Save the mother. I stated in other posts on the thread that there is a certain amount of very limited circumstances where an abortion might be ok. I don't like it, but there you have it.
Shakamuro 1 year ago
Still making no sense there bud.
Vudojind 1 year ago
Who is defending it? I called him silly and the comment moronic.
Akinonris 1 year ago
Nope! Stop throwing money at the likes of Kadar and the rest of his ill begotten family. Just one example. Stop throwing money at stupid social programs that do nothing. Spend tax dollars as if they were you own. Support those that actually need assistance instead of giving to those who ask for it and have no incentive to actually WORK for a living. To be a bit more concise "Give to the needy, Not the Greedy". Got it Dumbo.!!
Gardataxe 11 months ago
American left is not very far left at all to most of the other democratic countries
Bajinn 11 months ago
Let?s leave the hyperdimensional being out of it for a moment.
Voodoolar 11 months ago
Did the shirt say, "My mom got an abortion at Abortion World and all I got was a lousy tee shirt"?
Mazumi 11 months ago
I didn?t think God would say that kind of crazy stuff.
Kazralabar 11 months ago
With honey or maple syrup? And maybe some whipped cream. Whatever blows your skirt up I say.
Samurr 10 months ago
Let us discuss what Free Speech is and is not, as you seem to have conveniently omitted this from your article.
Voodooran 10 months ago
Here's the whole problem with your argument. There isn't an "ideology" of atheism. Atheism is a singular stance or statement on one question. My being an atheist doesn't define me as far as what I believe morally, or ethically, or what I like or don't like. There's nothing with atheism that informs my actions that you could point to, as you have with religions. When a christian refuses service to a homosexual, or protests an abortion clinic, or funerals, or lobbies against birth control....there are specific beliefs you can point to that inform those actions from the specific religion in question. Atheism isn't a system, it doesn't have rules, it doesn't have mantras....or anything like that. The only thing all atheists have in common for certain is non-belief in god(s). I've been to atheist conventions where I've encountered drastically different personalities than mine. I've seen republican atheists, conservative, anti-abortion, racist, flat earther atheists, 9/11 conspiracy, belief in alien abductions......I mean all kinds of atheists and none of these things you can point back to and say "oh he believes that because of this scripture in the book of atheism".....because there is no book of atheism or ideology of atheism. Atheism doesn't mean a person believes in science, or is liberal, or is anti-religious, or has no morals...or anything like that. The only thing me being an atheist did, was force me to look at my beliefs deeply and decide what and who I wanted to be as a person. It also gave me a thirst for knowledge and a drive to live the best life I possibly could. By your own admission in your last sentence, we have no written I'm not sure how you can call it a faith, when there's nothing to examine with regards to what we believe. Now as far as morality is concerned, I don't go to my "atheism" to inform that. I follow Humanism with is a moral system with a set of beliefs and can certainly provide an excellent reason why genocide is wrong. So instead of attacking atheism for what it isn' about you talk to an atheist on an individual level and find out what it is that the person actually does believe and stop assuming you already know everything about us. Your whole rant here kind of proves what I said before and why I come clear up misconceptions and confusions....which you do have. Hopefully you learn from this.
Shaktigrel 10 months ago
But "god days" are different...
Zulur 10 months ago
So? They died for their belief.
Arahn 10 months ago
I did reference such a case, another baker funny enough. Something about that flour dough I guess...
Shakakora 9 months ago
Tuk 9 months ago
A wise person once said, "Granted, there are other issues that can affect viability of an individual baby, but we have to go by SOMETHING..."
Arashigrel 9 months ago
So you have an Administrators lock content block on an iPhone? You are a kid. Bye bye Jackie.

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