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"Some moral advice for Aunty Remm:"

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" Cathy nodded and sank to her knees. The girls had already opened a bottle of white wine as they prepared themselves for a night on the town, Stevie's sister told him that there was some bottled beers in the fridge for us.

" Latoya's Mother, my new Mistress, said, "You like that, slut?" "Yeeeeessss," I moaned, no longer caring about being prim and proper.

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The orgasm grew even more intense as she felt the black man ejaculating, his hot spurts of sperm pumping into obtario pulsating pussy. Everything else was removed from her cell.

One gloriously tanned leg snaked around his waist, her heel resting on his ass. The girls were gagging and begging to be made to come, and with a look at each other and a nod of mutual agreement, the two women stepped up the pace, harder hocky faster, driving the teens to distraction in their ecstasy.

Most of the qaa women from the village were also there as well as many of the officers of the army. He would talk to his mom about her acting career.

I wanted to confess all of this, but he did not seem interested in my problems. Malone have not one, but two Mistresses.

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Gulrajas 8 months ago
So, the EXACT same thing can be said about Turdeau then.
Kacage 7 months ago
^^^ A decade of suffering from ODS ^^^
Mukinos 7 months ago
Still making no sense there bud.
Malarisar 7 months ago
It is certainly difficult to not respond in kind to the way we are treated including the names / labels that we get which are not true.
Zologul 7 months ago
"Thomas had no say on that event at the time"
Moogulkree 7 months ago
You can't have an affliction unless you have a definition of health. You probably need to figure out whether you really understand and accept the implications of evolution. You probably are a closet theist whether you realize it or not. You live off your heavenly father's credit card while fancying yourself to be independent. ("live off" theism in an intellectual sense)
Tarn 7 months ago
Jewish? Firmly separate from church and state in the states?
Malaran 7 months ago
3/4 of posters, I'd bet, rather not the entire membership.
Visida 6 months ago
You described the situation that I identified: the American blacks are mostly victims of their own subculture, and the leaders of the black community are those responsible for sustaining this disaster. The models for the black children are not scientists, engineers and medical doctors: their success models are useless idiots in sport and the entertaining business.
Doujin 6 months ago
Anything that has to do with animals hits me right in the feels. I have a couple of baby squirrels in my backyard and I was sitting in the window looking for them...
Modal 6 months ago
Agreed, but all the time and in every relationship? At a certain point, "preferring" to be submissive turns into actually having a real issue taking charge. The origins of that don't necessarily have to be sexist ideas but they often are.
Mik 6 months ago
Trump has goons committing new crimes while waiting for trial
Kikus 6 months ago
We do lol.
Mezigami 5 months ago
I can see how that would help. I hope your car has a good safety rating, even though mine is a deathtrap.
Melabar 5 months ago
raw sewage and the race card
Kazirr 5 months ago
Canada is more socialist than the US and we have a happier, more peaceful and content society. We're farther to the left than the US. Maybe a bit too far to the left but I sure don't want to be an American. Not many of us do. Having my parents go bankrupt because they were old and got cancer. Having people dying in our streets. Gun deaths and violence 100 times that of ours. No thanks. Keep your country. Not for me.
Kajinn 5 months ago
No, I'm not saying he should be arrested, I'm just saying owners don't have to hire him if they disagree with his views our if his kneeling for the anthem is bad for business.
Vorisar 5 months ago
Thanks for that.
Zulujora 4 months ago
Is that - 'digitally' - the 'only' way you think? Why are so limited? He is all. He is not eternal. He is eternity.
Mekree 4 months ago
She resigned so she didn't have to get thrown out like Sarah and her family ! She took the high road !
Sharn 4 months ago
Your Ferrari analogy is tired and completely irrelevant to the discussion. That a mechanical object is designed has no bearing on the origin of life on earth 4 billion years ago.

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