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"The problem is the government can?t make judgements on what is proper for a religious organization or what is religious or not. That violates the separation of church and state."

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Jusho 1 year ago
There is no evidence to suggest 14b isn't recent history.
Gasho 1 year ago
Overturning precedent doesn?t violate the constitution.
Kazinris 1 year ago
again how does an undocumented migrant pay taxes? you are missing the key word here. let me help you . you have to have documents to pay taxes. they are included in all the forms you fill out when you get hired.
Meztinos 1 year ago
every day is a new low. i understand!
Mok 1 year ago
Yes but criminal harassment is different
Fenrikora 1 year ago
I am not going to do your homework for you. You made the claim, you support it.
Zuluzilkree 1 year ago
Please understand the difference between a fake story and a fake NEWS story.
Shaktibei 1 year ago
No it would not. Quarantines have been used before. Individual liberty ends when one is a danger to society.
Gozragore 1 year ago
More specific, please. I read through the Torah every year.
Dashicage 1 year ago
That is almost entirely false. Ever hear of the McMohan agreement? Arab people have lived in that region for centuries. They have no claim to the land? Why?
Voshura 1 year ago
False, and irrelevant. Dual fulfilment. I did read it in context. And YOU are incorrect.
Mezragore 1 year ago
Don't believe a word he says. Unless he says I'm awesome lololol
Tugrel 1 year ago
I know what the meaning of the religion of atheism is... duhh
JoJosida 1 year ago
In your bizarro world if i commit a bank robbery
Vudonos 1 year ago
SoS. Hey. As I posted before you yourself claimed that you are not a baker and don?t proof things. Why should I bother to offer proof, when I can just offer snark and watch TV
Kagajinn 1 year ago
You alone don't count.
Gatilar 1 year ago
When you have shitty kids you don't drown them and try again. The Christian god is a monster worse than any found in other fictional writing.
Mazuran 1 year ago
Jesus came bearing a new message. One of love and forgiveness. This was quite unlike the tribal beliefs that God was a God of war. Jesus showed a truer side of God, and because the Jews were looking for deliverance from their opposers, many of them could not reconcile the thought that Jesus was their long awaited messiah.
Megis 1 year ago
That's great news Euv, happy for you.
Nahn 1 year ago
Yeah, it was surreal watching it burn in PJs, no shoes, standing in dew covered grass while the sun came up.
Kegul 11 months ago
right? those hatch-lings are definitely on the dark side D:
Dacage 11 months ago
And now you are done here too, sjw triggerer.
Mikakree 11 months ago
And if Hillary would have been elected, Comey would have been fired. What's your point again? Comey's firing was not originating from Trump, it came from one of their internal affairs departments.
Kagagore 11 months ago
They have demolished churches and imprisoned Pastors and priests. It has been all over the news.
Mosho 11 months ago
Am I supposed to be impressed?
Togal 11 months ago
That's real talk.
Mezigor 11 months ago
So you do not believe the report that they were able to test DNA from a 400,000 fossil? Or that the fossil was 400,000 years or both?
Gozilkree 10 months ago
Please, for the love of god- do.
Shakazilkree 10 months ago
And this is political correctness garbage, which has no place in science. It's hard enough to have an intelligent discussion without you making up things I don't say.

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