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"I'm enjoying it."

MHBHJ - Coercing Riley

"Um," Gerald said out loud, his mouth hanging open. He groaned throwing back his head as her warm mouth swallowed his cock over Bikii trousers, his hands running through her soft glossy hair.

I became completely engrossed in it and I grew an erection very quickly. Fellow castaways were now stirring, and people began conglomerating near last night's fire pit. I just hope it rains before someone leans against it or tries to climb it.

I jumped up and she continued to suck on his dick. Mockingly though, time had deliberately slowed down, sticking it's middle finger up at me and my problems.

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Yozshurg 1 year ago
What I'm curious about is why dws ran interference for Awan. What was in it for her?
Arazahn 1 year ago
I prefer not to do either. There is a place for embellishment, particularly in the setting of storytelling for entertainment purpose. But outside of that it's not appropriate- on a resume, to woo women, whatever the case may be. And lying to deceive or do harm is much more sinister. Be precise in the words you speak, and even if you can't always be completely truthful, at least don't lie. Those who lie or embellish frequently often do so pathologically, and ultimately in many ways it becomes self-destructive, a ticking time-bomb of shame and embarrassment if you will.
Yozshugul 1 year ago
And he thinks that threatening to block me is somehow going to stop me from calling him out on his nonsense.
Yozshuramar 1 year ago
Conservatives never burned a cross on Obama's White House lawn, and even their relentless efforts to lynch him were largely figurative.
Doshakar 1 year ago
He takes a good ribbing, give him that.
Tozshura 1 year ago
I didn't realize they were doing it until later on. I guess it was a way to save face with their friends just to say Dad won't let me
Vir 1 year ago
The proper fruit is love. As demonstrated by action. Nothing against any charity, however the work Jesus gave was spreading the good news.
Taurg 1 year ago
Then you think wrong. Did you agree to the ToS when you created your account? Yes? Then you were agreeing to a private company's (Disqus/Zeta Global) rules. Hate speech is most definitely covered. If you didn't read the ToS, that's on you; you don't get to ignore the rules just because you didn't read them.
Gardagar 1 year ago
I wonder if you ever heard of other language-based civilisations, like Hellenistic one? If you missed it, educate yourself:
Arashilabar 1 year ago
You must read some bad poetry!
Shasho 1 year ago
Have you ever noticed the concept of and nature of God is never thoroughly discussed in either the Hebrew or Christian Testament? It is just assumed, even though it seems like the concept changes over the thousands of years.
Meztirn 1 year ago
If I were creating a religion, I'd probably write something like that too.
Bagul 1 year ago
Lmao @ cleavage. She was. I was too gone at the face she made when Nicki was speaking to her.
Mezilrajas 1 year ago
...wait..he had a child with his mistress of years, and then the mistress sent you a pic of the child? ..and then you had to pry the truth out of him?
Akibar 1 year ago
No, Jews can't get in to Heaven. Some of my best friends are Jews but I didn't make the rules. God did.
Vir 1 year ago
Four years of stupid coming.
Kigor 1 year ago
When did I say that the ADA was a compromise to minorities?
Moramar 1 year ago
1) It?s because modernity requires a variety of integrations at various levels, and secularism has become so prevalent. Secular University-based culture actually represents a modernized Christian practice that has been widely dissociated from its original connections in monastic and cathedral schools with spiritual growth training. The modern movements towards Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainability represent the secular sides of these issues, along with holistic recreational activities like Tai Chi, Yoga, Buddhist meditation, the 12 step group Recovery Movement, and so on. The significance for Christianity of Therapeutic and Transpersonal Psychology in its corroborations and support of spiritual and religious practices and psychosocial needs has not yet been widely promoted.
Nigis 11 months ago
How many little boys did you molest? Don't count your own kids, just strangers.
Kazihn 11 months ago
LMFAO! However you wish to delude yourself troll!! Don't you have Ukrainians you need to get back to targeting?
Dushakar 11 months ago
We have a place for that here:
Mikree 11 months ago
My lesbian daughter has a degree in theology and she teaches.
Gusho 11 months ago
I read ?stumped? as humped at first. Changed the entire context of your post.
Yozshulmaran 11 months ago
Well, I'd have to say being married to my husband is something I've been told is a sin but probably is my favorite "sin", as I cannot imagine my life without him.
Tebei 11 months ago
That the resurrection completely negates the sacrifice. I'd say it proves that is meant for us after this life of trials.
Akinolmaran 11 months ago
I'm sure you can prove that number, but nonetheless, even if 2 - 3 million were able bodied, they should be working.
Brak 10 months ago
At least the Californios moving to OK are sharing some of the state's values. Hope so at least. Here in central TX we have too many Liberals moving here because of jobs, but not realizing their values are the reason those jobs aren't still in CA.
Brat 10 months ago
Wow is right. God was there, is here & will be there tomorrow. Yay

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