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"which means logic dictates, withhold belief until you get enough"

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You look at me and smile again. After about an hour of sitting on the couch with Lauren and him making out on and off and me sitting around, Carson knew it was time to get going because it wasnt going to happen at her house.

"applying" the vaseline, their was a knock on the door. In real life, use a condom, damnit. Enjoy yourself. "My husband heard about it.

I dropped it down to join her top, drinking in the sexss of her exaggerated hourglass figure.

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Shaktijora 1 year ago
The nature of the event makes it different because the people getting married are gay.
JoJohn 1 year ago
Agreed. As does the interesting experience of Christianity. It?s massively powerful development through fueling the invention of secularized University-linked Corporate organization and its abuse of Science has made the truths of other religious relations with God a powerful tool, as in Tai Chi, Yoga, and Buddhist meditation for example.
Tojalkis 1 year ago
Did you type that with a straight face? Trying to hold down the bile? I mean, if you are not in the first year of college, this is incredibly naive. I will commend you on noticing that Conservatives work while liberals play.
Nell 1 year ago
Look in the mirror ass hat.
Tomuro 1 year ago
Yes, and common sense tells us that if there is a wedding for dogs, it is just for fun.
Gora 1 year ago
This stuff isn't even close to the most toxic drug.
Gardajinn 1 year ago
So how interesting are her classes if her students are falling asleep? Should she not have been walking around the class to prevent a kid from doing this? Sounds like she's not actively engaged with her students.
Yoran 1 year ago
It skews your sexuality. For some that means they are from then on sexually attracted to someone of the same sex.
Dall 1 year ago
Interesting how the leftists are bent out of shape about an accusation of
Nigore 1 year ago
Thousand Islands No?
Zulabar 1 year ago
Dude you?re losing control. Your disjointed and incoherent screed did not even address my one single question about your random fbi stat. In fact it almost seems as if you have lost your Mind but I hope you feel better now.
Tygokasa 1 year ago
"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."------George Santayana
Maukus 1 year ago
I thought there was an epidemic of that already happening. And how many native burial grounds did we build churches on? How many South American temples were burnt down so Christian churches could be buildt.
Fenrizshura 1 year ago
There really is nothing to debate. You assert nonsense and bullshit and can't back it up. An atheist laughs and says really that is crazy talk.

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