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""In the beginning" it came into existence BEFORE being described as "formless" and "void." Back to the "void" play doh. If context is not used to understand it, the Play Doh doesn't exist. BUT since it is described AS "Play Doh" we KNOW that it DOES exist. It just has not been "formed" into that which is to be described."

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My first cock, hard but soft and smooth, amazing thing. I no sooner sat down on my couch upstairs when Sandra called.

BDSM Fisting Fucking And Squirting Threesome

The women were lobbing the eggs up high so they would come directly down on my body. "Don't care dude. " He looked at Paul so innocently and asked if he knew of anyone who may be interested. But, that depends on me finding this translator.

' We've spent way too much money on it. When he got beside the house he directed the two to get out and head into the house while he put his machine away.

She made it perfectly clear that we mlm not to cum in her hair or on her body, she absolutely md to swallow it. A free woman of some sort stepped forward with a bright, shiny razor. It was one of the village prostitutes. Now he was only seconds away from getting his cock back into her pussy, where they both knew it belonged.

After that she didn't pull away. or her. She just took her top off. You breathe into my face. "I want to do some exploring on my own when the job is finished.

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Fekora 1 year ago
I am just going to lost this cartoon which in you think is Racist toward blacks. But lack the ability to explain what
Totilar 1 year ago
There is the matter of about 1500 years difference in time between the Prophet, a religious figure of antiquity, supported by a piecemeal and largely unreliable historical record, and the USSR, with a clear historical record, who appeared in the lifetime of folks still with us, and who's former leaders now lead Russia.
Kidal 1 year ago
All obvious lessons that are ignored.
Julmaran 1 year ago
A friend of mine went on a Grindr binge or maybe Scruff anyway he had 10 guys in one day and I had to drive him to the hospital due to the prolapse.I'm like "Dude, stick to lips and avoid the hips".
Akinoramar 1 year ago
So it's a "give as good as I get" logic?
Mezigar 1 year ago
I totally have the same feeling you do.
Maugis 1 year ago
You have to define morality first. And people define morality. But once defined, we can definitely judge it objectively based upon that.
Mikarn 1 year ago
Just that they tend to be reckless and irresponsible with their weapons
Kazrajin 1 year ago
The kitschy 90's rom-coms. I don't care what anyone says...10 Things I Hate About You is still one of the best movies.
Dik 1 year ago
It's the middle of the week.
JoJole 1 year ago
There's half-baked scientific proofs of God "What came before the Big Bang? Huh? Huh?"
Vot 1 year ago
Copy and paste here that I said God reveals light to me, can you ? ..if not, then you are exposing yet again that you are a fake believer- a demon who comfortably bear false witness against your neigbor... I always said that I just BELIEVE the light came from a Source higher than me because the light was so mysterious and awesome. I never see hear nor touch God...I just Believe..
Arataur 1 year ago
no Sir - its a Biblically proven Fact. well for Christianity anyhow.
Dougis 1 year ago
I do suppose you could measure nearly anything, I haven't the foggiest idea how though
Arasar 1 year ago
Lol , how do you think the universe came to be?
Gojin 1 year ago
HIding from the heat, like the cat
Vuzilkree 11 months ago
A girl trapping a guy is when she pokes the hole of condoms or using a turkey baster in a used condom or locking your legs when the man says "im about to cvm" she did none of that, both are responsible BUT John did some fvcked up shit
Shakazshura 11 months ago
I don?t blame God. You are the one who says he programmed DNA. I know he didn?t program DNA. DNA exists fine all on its own. If the programming gives someone cystic fibrosis it was caused by the programmer. You want to give God credit for the good and none of the bad.
Tojak 11 months ago
Arkansan, still neighbors.
Kazisida 11 months ago
What establishment are you possibly talking about that prepares customer-brought meat?
Tygolabar 11 months ago
"Are you saying all my other points are correct?"
Turan 11 months ago
Yeah I do think that happens a lot. I think we're on the same page about a lot of stuff. I guess my critique of the way feminist rhetoric has evolved over the past decade, culminating in metoo, is that it seems a like a rebuke against all men, including respectful men who wait for affirmative body language to make a non-verbal move -- and then this tends to have the consequence of making men in general very defensive, and to pit the sexes against each other in a way which I think is very unfortunate and unnecessary. Men and women need to respectfully listen to each other's concerns. Too often I hear men's concerns about innocent men potentially losing their jobs, or male college students potentially being expelled for the "crime" of having consensual but drunken sex, dismissed as unimportant or secretly "sexist" concerns. Similarly, many men have noticed a real contradiction in the culture where it's "sexist" for video games to be narratively structured around the idea of rescuing a princess as a "reward" -- but somehow still OK for rom-coms (whose main market is women) to be structured around the idea that if the male protagonist just proves himself, he'll get the blonde love interest as his "reward." The fact that 50 Shades of Grey, whose main market is women, peaked in popularity at the same time as metoo is also confusing and contradictory, given what 50 Shades is about.
Tojarisar 10 months ago
I don't think churches should not have to pay taxes. They're using resources like every other establishment. Why just because they wave around a book should they get a free pass?

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