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"Hey guys, I need some brainstorming to check if I did the right thing."

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He looked over at us and our eyes met. " Fuck.

Spreading my barely legal ass for you!

Mary instantly decided to invite all of my friends over at the same time and suck to her heart's content. "I have so much passion stored up, it's like a dam breaking when I let it out. " Then he left and the door slammed shut. It was difficult with the chains, but Sally managed to climb a set of wooden steps until she reached a high platform on which waited a real nuded.

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She looked at me with shining eyes, and said, "Really.

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Tetaur 1 year ago
Once upon a time it was believed that a god caused the lightning to strike.
Vudolmaran 1 year ago
May the fourth be with you!
Musar 1 year ago
"Verification and validation are independent procedures that are used together for checking that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfils its intended purpose. "
Mojinn 1 year ago
Yet breaking down the separation between church and state does violate the Constitution.
Nar 1 year ago
Sorry, I just don't believe in cosmetic surgery for children. The 18 year old can evaluate his options with his doctor and decide if it's a risk he wants to take.
Barg 1 year ago
Now you are still just making a value judgement on which life is more valuable than another based on your own personal definition of 'innocence'
Nern 1 year ago
Not even a dream.
Gogrel 1 year ago
OK, so maybe not tiny but clearly the minority. I haven't kept up with Dutch politics so much lately but it seems the last general election rebuffed efforts at turning the tide towards the right in Netherlands. Although, in terms of the political climate in Europe now I would not be surprised if the right is still alive and growing.
Dull 1 year ago
Never learn physics from Bitannica. To avoid a public embarrassment. Read a normal school textbook to understand what the second law is about.
Zulusar 1 year ago
He said that last part like he knew something bad had just happened but he couldn't work out what it was. lololol
Gobar 1 year ago
Are you claiming that you would never accept as evidence for ancient history anything written by man? So, you have physical evidence that Hannibal crossed the Alps? Or that Plato existed?
Taukasa 1 year ago
On sale for 3 Nuka cola caps or 1 sunset sasparilla cap.
Tobar 1 year ago
they didn't try!
Douzragore 1 year ago
OK Rich. Mlle Z has made it clear that your comments along this vein are offensive. You are now moving into harrassment. Nope. Not here. We are not a cage match channel, but there are plenty of them out there for you to visit! Have fun elsewhere!
Shaktigal 1 year ago
Do you pick that one for a reason? I don't rely on one place but in regards to trusting it would be low on the list. I would trust Merriam and Oxford before just
Nikobar 1 year ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but it is an network issue where I am at currently. No worries.
Tanos 1 year ago
I am doing what I can.
Goltisar 1 year ago
I don't know how you are able to keep your cool despite reading so much BS written by typical religious people.. I mean, I am not an atheist myself but even I feel my stomach churn after glancing over those rehashed nonsensical things they bring up..
Zulkihn 11 months ago
Article just now...24 year old man kills 15 year old girlfriend while she was on the phone with her mother. My first thoughts were...Why TF is she dating a 24 year old at 15? And the mother called cops to check on her at the girl's residence. Where the hell was she living, if not with her mom and/or dad?

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