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"I have some time to burn lol"

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Moms 2

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Dashicage 1 year ago
That's not an argument.
Samushicage 1 year ago
Yeah? Liberals have been conning Americans for decades.
Dolkis 1 year ago
It makes me wonder how the Democrats can be trusted to be truthful when they allow propaganda that is clearly fraudulent to be used as a smear tactic...How desperate have they gotten and when does the lying stop?
Mujas 1 year ago
We already won- keep crying
Yohn 1 year ago
Those aren't slaps in the face. That is the accepted costs for public service citizens seek and appreciate.
Yogami 1 year ago
Key allies have nowhere else to go! Stupid lefty morons have no idea!
Tujin 1 year ago
I did it too. I would delete in shame, but it's more interesting that several of us came to the same instant conclusion.
Doshicage 1 year ago
Then my questions should be child's play. remove your bias and provide the chapter and versus that support what you are saying.
Meztisar 1 year ago
"That is what should be enabled and endorsed."
Kajihn 1 year ago
Anecdotes like this is the stuff of which GOP talking point generalizations are made. And conservative opinion site Daily Wire is on duty ready to pitch in.
Tojalrajas 1 year ago
Was it self defense?
Mikataur 1 year ago
Hey... they've got stormy...
Misar 1 year ago
Separating babies from desperate mothers is terrible for the children.
Jura 1 year ago
That statement you reference (1 Timothy 2:12) does not contain an ounce of misogyny.
Najar 1 year ago
A forum with only a few lefties is bound to seem biased towards the right. Why do you suppose there are so few lefties left here, could it be that they simply burned out from constantly having to stand up for the Liberals? Spinning and deflecting from all those foibles takes a toll on even the most ardent Liberal supporter.
Mezir 1 year ago
Since you clearly don't know the answer I'll help you out. The punishment for apostasy in christianity is death.
Kagataxe 1 year ago
That's because we had machines that could do the work for us. We transferred who was doing the labour from people, and then decided that it wasn't right to have them as property.
Vudoran 11 months ago
The young talent now just sux. Wrestling has gotten bad. Guys today use what used to be finishers as just a normal move now. What 50 year olds are still hanging on in wwe?
Arakazahn 11 months ago
Apply what you say to love or honor.
Tujin 11 months ago
Unfortunately canadian reparted has sunk to the lowest level as typified by those boorish american extremists. They forget that tbeir message iz lost k fhd BS.
Kerisar 11 months ago
Right. I just meant that the definition of the thing would change if there was evidence to support it. The likelihood of that happening would be infinitely worse than chance because evidence for things that people make up off the top of their heads doesn't simply appear.
Tegore 11 months ago
Most polls say they have a 2% to 4% margin of error, yet I've seen polls contradict one another time and time again. There's no way any consensus of a few thousand people can have any beat on the pulse of a culture. Geographic area maybe, but that's about it.
Vudora 11 months ago
No, ?vigorously defending them? in every post to a party that no longer wants to hear them or cares to further engage is not a skillset that any normal person should hone or develop. Thats merely called antagonizing at that point and you (generally here) only look like an annoying jackass. As with most conversations, whether they are debates or just general ?discussions,? there is a definitive beginning and end and it?s a good idea to recognize as such if we are sharpening social skills. Replying multiple times to one poster with the same viewpoint which is out of scope of the post to begin with, then vocalizing dismay when people disagree with it will only make people avoid you. Particularly when the point of further replies isn?t to gain insight or understanding as to their viewpoint but merely to try and either prove the person ?wrong? or to get them to concede that you are ?right.? We are not in a court nor a debate team where the point here is to ?win,? and that is the problem with most conversations or ?debates? had in the current political climate and what makes most people pettywap azzholes.
Daisar 10 months ago
You are absolutely right, such a big mess that needs to be corrected.
Morn 10 months ago
A god that requires mutilation of baby penises can only be a fake piece of crap.
Nijora 10 months ago
Haha... Yup, pretty much. :) It's quite a freeing and humbling experience to realize you don't have The Answer and that, most likely, no one does. I'm an agnostic currently, but as I like to say, "I'm going through that awkward period between birth and death."
Yozshurg 10 months ago
So you've got nothing to back up your opinion? Aw... that's even sadder. You're not just wrong... you're ignorant! Well at least you'll earn sympathy points from the judges.
Mozuru 10 months ago
Buddy I live in Toronto, I don?t need to read BS articles I see with my own EYES !
Zulkijora 10 months ago
Lol, I didn't like Donald Glover then. That was pre-woke era Glover.
Tygocage 9 months ago
I am confused as to whom you consider to be the OP.
Vujar 9 months ago
Errr I?m sorry to hear that.

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