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"Facebook and Youtube have age restrictions. If you're letting your kids on there that's your fault as a parent. It's also your fault if you are giving a bible to children and telling them to read it when it has pornographic verses about who a woman slept with and how she liked their anatomy."

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We settled down on the sofa side by side to further our education, on how to satisfy another man. Last week we went into that XXX store by the interstate. "What?" "Are you naked under your skirt?" My face went red.

"Forgiven is not forgotten," I said. By bending my head down, I could see between my legs. i know you and she was lesbions aunty oh shit.

" "Believe what.

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JoJoshicage 1 year ago
Answer the questions or CHECKMATE.
Tura 1 year ago
Protestantism, Shamanism and New Age are happy to take them all.
Kazrak 1 year ago
We have three priests and the rector is a woman. She's fantastic also and we're so glad to have her. :-)
Akikus 1 year ago
Polynomials? sex for math nerds!
Yonris 1 year ago
We aren't discussing the Iliad.
Meshura 1 year ago
And again. There is no place for god or religion in science. It's not the venue for it. Just like there's no place for sports in in science. Unless one lab is playing another. Keep superstition out of the sciences.
Zulkijind 1 year ago
Canada and Mexico better start enriching Uranium.
Doubei 1 year ago
But if the state taxed them even 10% they would need to raise 10% more or do 10% less which means the government loses as the government would need to make that up with paid people not volunteers.
Samur 1 year ago
Mohammed had the exact same problem! :-)
Gronos 1 year ago
So, mosquitoes and fleas are your response to the fine tuning argument? I feel so...enlightened. /s

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