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"Yes, but at least he had the good grace not to point out how low the bar has been set to qualify as "functioning as president"."

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He got us a bottle each and all four of us chatted as his sister made her final preparations qn her night out. You tell me, "You keep that up and you'll be wearing your DVD collection. Which is quite often.

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Voshura 1 year ago
None of those shooters identified as an atheist. You disgrace honest Abe's image with your disingenuous nonsense.
Tegor 1 year ago
Just in recent years, we've discovered we can carry our Bible's with us on our phones. OH THE FREEDOM to now move around the free world without gigantic books in our hands.
Viran 1 year ago
I would also ask you what good is morality doing and does it exist? The world is competitive. Morals are a great suggestion but I have found that society does not value morals. Never has.
Yokasa 1 year ago
JR is actually more awful without LeBron's gravity. LBJ only propped up his numbers
Goltigal 1 year ago
How do you know? No, really. How do you know what's going through the mind of others at the last minute? Belief doesn't automatically confer certainty, especially when it comes to death. What an arrogant statement.
Zulkill 1 year ago
OMG!! WTF?! Dirty filthy savages!
Dojas 1 year ago
Smithers: "And I thought you were just glad to see me, Mr. Burns!"
Zolotaur 1 year ago
Are you outing yourself as an ivory soap user, weirdo!?!
Marg 1 year ago
Then you better question experience.
Nir 1 year ago
Whichever, I do remember it and have used it myself.
Kagakree 1 year ago
Hahaha. Thanks, Lord.
Didal 1 year ago
None of those are sources. They are apologists simply taking the bibles word without evidence.
Faeshura 11 months ago
No, the market stopped producing workers without a HS diploma who traditionally filled those jobs. There are many markets that simply couldn't get workers. Poultry plants in Alabama are a good example.
Kezil 11 months ago
Schmoey there doesn't give a damn about little things like truth he's too busy being an anti American hypocritical ASSHOLE which is WHY I blocked him.
Shagis 11 months ago
agreed this won't be able to lasts forever
Kagagar 11 months ago
60 million. It could be more. But definitely not less.
Mazshura 10 months ago
Mock him at your own peril. He will not be mocked. Although he is a bit embarrassed over the platypus thing.
Kam 10 months ago
Again, how are numbers important in religion?
Nikogami 10 months ago
"Usually from Canada"?
Mukora 10 months ago
I can't picture the same arguments ever being used, being two completely different procedures.
Shaktidal 10 months ago
I would say if you want to force the mother to have the child ... then it's fair to force the father to look after it ..
Faegul 10 months ago
I actually didn't. If you are interested in my sexual orientation, why are you shy to ask a straight question?
Moogukus 10 months ago
??Whether Pos or Neg delivery...The point got across....But okay Yara..I understand....Sorry, if u feel sum type of way
Ferisar 9 months ago
I think he chooses to ignore

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