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"More than one-fifth of the nation's hospitals are operated by religious organizations. How many of our nation's hospitals are operated by atheist organizations?..."

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But how to do it. " I turned to Donnie. Thankfully there was no awkward questions about how long we had known each other or anything like that, so we scraped through in conversation until they left us alone.

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Vojind 1 year ago
Yes, that also incentivizes. As does our ridiculous immigration system that prioritizes wealth and tolerance for bureaucratic run-a-round.
Tojalrajas 1 year ago
Disqus should automate that. Should we ask Disqus to make a button called "Invite uninterested grouchy people"?
Turg 1 year ago
Nittany Lion :)
Tojin 1 year ago
A brief message to these ?? people: There are much more pressing subjects than your " me me me" selfish, self centered BS. Stop the flag waving..the trouble making..and the general disruption of every true Americans lives other than your own. In other fvckin bad..get over it.
Mezirr 1 year ago
That is good to hear. Though it don?t know how much different multiple denominations would be. I suppose the children might be in a religion class that might actually be close to their own religion or beliefs.
Faell 1 year ago
Sure you can. No one's stopping you. That doesn't mean the internet is the public square. Unless you own a hosting service, you're going to have to have someone host that site for you, though. In the same way that Stormfront lost their hosting service because of what they posted, you might have difficulty finding service if you're going to post something bigoted which can be viewed as hate speech. The internet is, even more thanks to Ajit Pai, a utility. For the most part, it's populated by private enterprise. People like to pretend it's the public square.
Tygot 1 year ago
I'm sure he has. But he fired that person.
Faerg 1 year ago
your is a possessive pronoun, you're is a contraction of you and are. Work on your sentence structure ed, it leaves a lot to be desired and in the professional world will seriously hold you back
Basho 1 year ago
Stefy. I think that the religions that practice tolerance and embrace differences are rather benign( except for the aspect of inculcating children who must accept the views of those they depend on) but the Fundies are simply not reasonable but rather emotionally dependent on being instructed and commanded to to as they are ?told?.
Masar 1 year ago
You didn't answer how you determine morality. Would you mind answering?
Daizahn 1 year ago
Constitution trumps commerce, try reading the constitution, please.
Zujora 1 year ago
i'm going to turn down my invitation before he ever sends it.
Dashicage 1 year ago
they say it's just pee, but whatever floats your boat
Vumi 1 year ago
I'm an ex-Catholic Mormon; and in both iterations I think sex with my spouse is one of the great parts of life. The whole idea that sex is somehow nasty is a minority view. Promiscuity is nasty, sex in a relationship approved of by God is a moment to touch divinity lovingly with your other half.
Malasho 1 year ago
But since we are reproducing in an exponential rate the universe will get extremely crowded in a million years or so.
Guzuru 1 year ago
I doubt it too. Hoping for something is no guarantee that it will happen. I definitely don't see it happening in my lifetime but well I can at least be optimistic for the distant future.

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