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TeenyBlack - Petite Chocolate Girlfriend Fucked While She Studies

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Dicage 1 year ago
Well, that's a projection and a fear, but not the actual topic of this OP.
Zolor 1 year ago
Right, so... why do you think that knowledge such as that didn't spread into Christian territories? It's not that there weren't curious scholars for 800 years. It was suppressed.
Bajinn 1 year ago
Lol, sigh I miss those simple days ugh. Party lines on the phone.
Faujora 1 year ago
Nathan, you're a male and the whitest male I've ever seen.
Gardaramar 1 year ago
Judeaism originally didn't have an afterlife as a reward and little to none now. So the purpose of this parable, even during a period when Israel did believe in some sort of afterlife, is not particularly an example of a "heavenly reward." So let us look at this from a secular standpoint as it too is concerned about this life and the wider social effects. Even Atheists can see the social benefits, and from that things that help them in what have been traditionally called religious virtues.
JoJoran 1 year ago
this is going to be fun
Fenrigis 1 year ago
Exactly - so it's super weird that the conversation never happened.
Vijas 1 year ago
No, it means you are wrong. Time for you to grow in understanding.
Nill 1 year ago
What's behind it is centuries of finely honed skill. Didn't you ever see the Masked Magician specials?
Bashicage 1 year ago
The fundie is dealing with a silly Shawsy.
Brajar 1 year ago
There isn't an education to feminize boys, mate.
Jutaur 1 year ago
There are no Jews? What? When did that happen? Does Israel know?
Mezishura 1 year ago
I always Pu Pu my platters. There is no other way to treat a snotty platter.
Gulkree 1 year ago
I think you are reaching in terms of what you say the parable says, but you aren't far off with your atheistic version in terms of what I'd suggest.
Kajigal 1 year ago
Either way demonstrates a "beginning."
Kajijar 11 months ago
He kinda looked like this guy (even had the scruff, too), tall and with a Spanish accent. ERMAHGERD, I need a shower. Be back in 5.
Nezuru 11 months ago
And in some? They cut off the woman's clitoris. Any mutilation based on religious ideology is abhorrent to me. Such as some rituals where parents whack themselves and their children with sharp knifes and swords.
Fenrinos 11 months ago
Yes, I agree. Some of the Song of Songs is downright sexy, so it's no wonder it didn't make the final cut for the Protestant bible. :)
Shajas 11 months ago
?You can?t make me angry?

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