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""Why are you scared of Ayn Rand?""

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Tygogal 1 year ago
Because the years of growth before Trump is going to hide the only thing realized from ?Trump?s policies?
Dak 1 year ago
I know what the meaning of the religion of atheism is... duhh
Dukree 1 year ago
Are there unicorns on this road too? What kind of idiot would go on a road where there is no gas station for a THOUSAND miles?
JoJokus 1 year ago
Why not do it naked? Old school.
Ganos 1 year ago
18000 comments and they?re all some variation of lame ... not cool. I can?t imagine what it?s like to be so limited.... that means lame, or not cool.
Gozuru 1 year ago
LOL! I'm more of a believer in a higher power that isn't labeled one of the 150,000 Gods out there.
Kajilar 1 year ago
Sadly reality appears a bit harmful these days!
Moogubar 1 year ago
I have to say, I do wonder (lean) in that direction myself. I(just)DK.
Dajora 1 year ago
Lincoln, T Roosevelt, FDR and Kennedy all just rolled over in their graves and barfed.
Vicage 1 year ago
Like on an Obama phone? lol
Fetaxe 1 year ago
The usual answers show a backward projection. W. Robertson Smith in 1899 demonstrated that the God of the Old Testament, changed and increased his power. And he also increased his area of operation and authority. Starting out as a small time ba'al, he rose to to become CEO, formerly King, of the entire world and later with acquisition, Lord of the universe.
Samubei 1 year ago
How smart as? This article, unlike the shorter versions, goes through the other possibilities but confirms it had to be some cataclysmic event. All life then coevolved together since, like we all can see. Coevolution
Akinotaur 1 year ago
Not so hilarious now that ypuve been owned, eh slaver? See you after you recover

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