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"Many illegals have been busted receiving welfare benefits with stolen SSN's."

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Digis 1 year ago
Maybe a legal referendum to the whole Spain could decide that.
Brara 1 year ago
And have been for decades. He short changes them in so many ways, from not actually paying them to not paying taxes for them to work for him. He has been reaping millions and millions off the backs of these undocumented workers. That part of the equation is never addressed by Washington either: Why aren't the companies that hire these undocumented workers being penalized???
Nikozuru 1 year ago
"setting up NATO forces closes and closer"??
Voodoozilkree 1 year ago
If we don't charge and punish the employer, we are just spinning our wheels.
Goltigami 1 year ago
Can't wait to see this part..still watching it on my DVR. Avoiding all other parts of the internet but this place and doing some online shopping at Nordstrom in-between.
Baramar 1 year ago
I can say the same about Kermit the Frog. And can provide just as much proof as you can. You have been brainwashed with religion. I bet you think the earth is flat too. And that climate change is just a hoax. Now go ahead and confirm my beliefs about you. What about the flood? Do you believe that one too? Why don't you go to your mother's safe and send me the little green papers she keeps there. She won't mind. Just tell her that God needs them.
Faedal 1 year ago
1. How many of the attacks in the UK (be it by car ramming, knife, gun, bomb etc) were conducted by Christians?
Torg 1 year ago
I think that is my biggest issue with the staunch "Pro-Life" crowd. They want to cut funding to programs utilized by needy kids, but turn around and say they are so important. I don't understand the hypocrisy there. These kids aren't choosing to be born poor, and something needs to be done for them when they are born and their parents can't feed or clothe them. I'm all for helping needy children, I will gladly pay more taxes if that means they won't be hungry and that they have health insurance.
Mazulkis 1 year ago
You are using a false analogy. Not paying women the same as men simply because they are women is discrimination based on the nature of the person. Not making a cake for a same sex wedding is discrimination based on the nature of an event. If he didn't believe in adultery and as such would not bake a cake for a heterosexual man wishing to celebrate his adulterous relationship, you would not say he was anti-heterosexual.
Talmaran 1 year ago
Get rid of all 3 Abrahamic religions, and this discussion would make no sense.
Daimi 1 year ago
Lol, kid, America is massively opposed to your cult. Last time they thought the GOP had a soul and were at the least patriots. Now we know better and we won't be lax about showing up to kick you demented cultists out of power for good. And it will be for good. Enjoy your 15 minutes, Randy. Your time is up.
Grozshura 1 year ago
Yes, my last statement was a bit rhetorical :)
Balmaran 1 year ago
I picked the two largest nations in the world for OBVIOUS reasons, since you or someone here claimed that being against this ideology is because of Christianity.
Brazil 1 year ago
Sorry to have to burst your bubble, but Mary is NOT the mother of God. Your ideas about Mary are false and are in conflict with the Bible. Mary is not "our mother" except to the brothers and sisters of the human side of Jesus.
Akizahn 1 year ago
"I am going by what gay men themselves have said to me or in the many books I have read."
Shakalkis 1 year ago
It is distraction from Trump - be honest. Let's concentrate on the guy in power before trying to get even with past political opponents.
Mezijin 1 year ago
Isn't the fact He was on earth 33 years & we are still debating
Kigakazahn 1 year ago
Didn't the way the big financial houses acted during the housing melt down seem a little odd too?
Dorn 1 year ago
Chase, thanks for raising these important tax questions!
Sarisar 1 year ago
My question is still about the story of the Good Samaritan being morally instructive.
Mikagal 1 year ago
I think you may be partially right. I took offense too easily at the part where he started stating that God was powerless and absent. I apologize.
Goshakar 11 months ago
IMVHO being LGBTQ is fine if it makes you gay {lighthearted and carefree.cheerful ? cheery ? merry ? jolly ? ? mirthful ? jovial ? glad} It's being Theist that causes problems.
Mikajora 11 months ago
I mean it has gotten ridiculous. I like to consider myself decent and I can't tell you how many times I have been called by well meaning people about nothingburgers
Dogor 11 months ago
Before I quit social media there was a huge argument about this and I couldn't believe people were not the least bit sympathetic to the people in uniform. Yes, they do complain about it because they feel its unfair for women to receive the same pay for less work.
Arakora 11 months ago
Judges need to start sentencing people to military service again. Its legit how my grandpa ended up in the Korean War. Lol
Kitaxe 10 months ago
God is a product of thought and thought is a product of God.
Yogal 10 months ago
Yeah... but... why are (new posting) atheists so angry about it?
Kagazuru 10 months ago
"It's not a swindle."
Faejinn 10 months ago
You said Mosaic law didn't apply! Make up your mind!
Daramar 10 months ago
At least the Cosby supporters won't get to complain that nothing had happened to Weinstein. They will just move on to another white man.
Faushura 10 months ago
I let, but se won't XD today she's acting normal.

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