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"Yeah people make you feel like you betrayed the sisterhood if you aren't jumping on every dude with a pulse."

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Arazshura 9 months ago
Kids can do their Jesus stuff on their own time.
Brashura 9 months ago
You're wrong again; surprise surprise. I posted evidence showing your error and yet you insist upon ignoring the evidence in favour of your ludicrous beliefs.
Mara 9 months ago
Same. At least I can block them. Sorry you can't.
Samukora 9 months ago
You can feel unrepentant, but two wrongs don't make a right.
Kazralkis 9 months ago
Time is a CREATED entity?
Kigashakar 9 months ago
they should have sent a guy
Molar 8 months ago
I like that!
Arashikinos 8 months ago
I try to be. I am an advocate for animals and more people means a strain on their space. We are losing the rain forest at break neck speed. Animal and human interactions are on the rise because we are encroaching on their space, and it always ends badly for the animals. I think it is environmentally responsible to have smaller families. Just my opinion.
Gajora 8 months ago
Yes, I think we are all talking about Biblical manuscripts.
Kegrel 8 months ago
At this point, what's to say that your god AND his god are imaginary creations the two of you keep in your minds? The mere fact that you state this about his god means that you can allow for the possibility that a god can be an imaginary creation.
Mushicage 8 months ago
Okay, so, we are both unapologetic assholes.
Moogugal 7 months ago
You're conflating opinions with actions. Opinions are subjective, the actions aren't.
Gull 7 months ago
I'm afraid that some would see it as perfectly justifiable.
Nishura 7 months ago
THEY CAN NOT. Do you understand why? Because it is NOT MATERIAL, therefore can not be studied by science.
Kajigor 7 months ago
Sorta. It's been bad today on every channel
Zushakar 7 months ago
Oh lord... yeah probably did the right thing. I always wondered what I would do in a situation like that. The only time I ever had to deal with a bully was indirectly. My little cousin used to get bullied for being light skin in a small town. [She's super fair skinned - like Mariah Carey fair with light eyes and curly blond hair but 100% black and apparently there was a lot of colorism in the town]. I was around 12 I think, so she was about 8 or 9 and we were at the park with a couple of bats [we'd been playing softball earlier]. They came circling her and me being me.. I've been petite most of my life, but LOL very bout it regardless. So I got in between like: YOU GOT A PROBLEM, picking up the bat.. And so they backed off. But since there were more coming I was like, lesgo.... and they threw an apple at our backs [it didn't come close to hitting us] but I could tell they wanted to try and fight.
Akinokree 7 months ago
The tattoo, I mean. lol
Shaktisho 6 months ago
And he hardly ever came home to visit. Even at thirty he was still wandering around jobless, crashing at peoples houses or outdoor, unmarried and causing trouble. What's a mother to do?
Motaur 6 months ago
Religions in school is associated with mentally abusing children.
Goltilmaran 6 months ago
"I never shot heroin. I just snorted it."
Akitaur 6 months ago
Lois, you simply don't understand me... it's sad to me that this is the case because I got the sense of a mind reaching out over the great t'interwebs to form some sort

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