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"All one has to do to be open minded is to not believe there is such a thing as the supernatural or one is automatically close minded if they have a supernatural belief?"

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Zolonris 1 year ago
I know there's wind because I can measure it.
Kigazil 1 year ago
You've added extra definitions. Alright, let's say that the dragon is invisible and is some advanced species. If it is in your garage, it should take up space. So sweeping some wires or something around until it hits something invisible should reveal that it exists. Otherwise, it does not.
Mazurg 1 year ago
Gradualism is a crock. That's the message.
Dusar 1 year ago
It grants him free exercise of his belief and the baker's belief informs him that he's breaking god's law [you know, the one protected by the First] if he supports god's injunction.
Nejar 1 year ago
Cameron, Norman; Stevens, R. H. Stevens; Weinberg, Gerhard L.; Trevor-Roper, H. R. (2007). Hitler's Table Talk 1941-1944: Secret Conversations. New York: Enigma Books p.48: On 14 October 1941, in an entry concerning the fate of Christianity, Hitler says: "Science cannot lie, for its always striving, according to the momentary state of knowledge, to deduce what is true. When it makes a mistake, it does so in good faith. It's Christianity that's the liar. It's in perpetual conflict with itself."
Dakinos 1 year ago
Satire? I see reality.
Vuran 1 year ago
Pfft, you don't believe in real math or science. Don't post NDT like you do.
Nataur 1 year ago
To the theist, it's not a lie. Do you know something they don't? ??
Goltilabar 1 year ago
Correct. But the assumptions are up to the " folks".
Dougar 1 year ago
The reception is the whole point of going - to celebrate with people you care about.
Nigami 1 year ago
"I?m an applied physicist."
Douzil 1 year ago
News Shows do not do absurd opinion pieces. (Except Fox)
Dojind 1 year ago
Quite a bit more would need to be presented to really show a "Jesus probably didn't exist" is the most logical conclusion.
Mezizshura 1 year ago
I am glad to hear it, Jesus Christ was not only "was a pretty good guy" as you say, He IS the Savior of the World, for all who will Believe. Salvation is a free gift for the taking, nothing required but Simple Faith and repentance from your sins. What are you waiting for? Come to Him today, today is the day of Salvation, He is calling you Lightfoot, He Saves us from eternal hell and gives us eternal life and peace, there is nothing that compares to the Love He gives those who choose for Him. The only way Jesus died for nothing is if YOU deny Him, who He is and What He did. His name is Jesus, He can Save you from your sins today! SEEK Him and you will find Him. Take Care
Kajijinn 1 year ago
Don't tell anyone you have herpes. If they don't ask- their fault.
Dazragore 1 year ago
and that's why you believe in fairy tales!
Daisida 1 year ago
Oh. You were just trying to tell me I'm stupid. Thanks.
Nikojin 1 year ago
I see it more as accentuating what I believe merits being accentuated, such as about religion in connection with social assimilation. I have been somewhat specific about kinds of.religious pursuits that I do not believe are helpful to a decent assimilation of mores for a representative republic. And I see criticism of some of those as deserved.
Gakinos 1 year ago
Well, God's white, so . . . <sarcasm/>
Kagatilar 1 year ago
Come to my house i have both and about to make breakfast
Goltim 11 months ago
I still remember being in a hairdressers once and two stylists were having a conversation about a customer refusing to cut her hair
Ball 11 months ago
I know, but she and others think this win means they said he could not serve gays. They went out of their way to make it clear they did not rule such
Doull 11 months ago
don't be boring. those are questions about your position.

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